BioBlitz 2022

Green Dock Beetle

In May 2022 a BioBlitz was carried out on Torrington Commons. This involved some members of the Torrington Commons Conservators, members of the Public, and some experts in their field.

The aim was to find and catalogue as much wildlife as possible.

Moth traps were set and they found over 50 species, including some Maybugs. A wild flower walk with the official recorder for Devon found 132 species, some of which haven’t been recorded on the Commons before.

We looked in a stream for wildlife, and performed an official River-fly sample. Other people went on a bug hunt (they found an adder!), and butterfly walk, and a lichen hunt.

On the final day some went Otter spotting in Taddiport, while others were bird watching from the Old Bowling Green. Later some people went on a reptile hunt.

It was a great couple of days, enjoyed by many people.

The results of the BioBlitz can be viewed in the Excel Workbook by clicking on the link below.

Thanks to everyone that came and helped us.

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